The Fund for Innovative Education (NGO) accompanies preschool teachers, schoolteachers, students, and educational teams, and helps them develop by providing them with professional support and funding for the creation of educational initiatives in various educational settings. The initiatives take place throughout Israel, while focusing on the geographic and social periphery. In time, the Fund has become the main organization that specializes in the field of innovation within the education system in Israel, and the Ministry of Education recognizes it as such. Every initiative that the Fund accompanies contributes significantly to the school and creates an infrastructure for further innovation in the future.

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    The Fund operates in a joint venture with the Ministry of Education and accompanies about 120 educational innovations annually throughout the country.

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    The Fund has led 3,000 educational initiatives since its establishment and accompanied over 10,000 education professionals who have led innovations for the benefit of thousands of students.

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    The Fund's mentorship contributes to the professional development of the educational teams, transforming them to innovators who will continue to work to instill the spirit, the language, and the tools of innovation within their pedagogic team and their surrounding community.

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    The Fund aspires to leverage individual innovators so they become catalysts of change in the entire education system.

In order to leverage the professional knowledge that was developed by the Fund throughout the years, and thus realize its core objectives, the Fund operates the Shavit Center for Innovative Development.

This specialist center serves the innovator/educator work in its entirety, starting with the stages of inspiration and steering, onwards to the development and the implementation of innovations, and, finally, the creation of a model and distribution. Through this Center, the Fund develops, guides, and operates a variety of programs, workshops, and innovation accelerators personally tailored for schools, educational organizations, municipalities, educational regions, and more.


odot history MarselaThe Fund for Innovative Education was established in 1971 by its visionary founder, Prof. Marcella Brenner of Washington DC. Until her death in 2007, she continued to be its sole sponsor. Prof. Brenner served as an active professional and an inspiring role model.




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If you were looking for a way to improve the quality of teaching in Israel and allow hundreds of teachers to develop, grow and fulfill their dreams and thus benefit tens of thousands of students - your place with us.


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