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The annual Initiative conference 2017

Our conferences provide an opportunity to take a step back from the daily routine, to gather with fellow educators, to hear about their unique and creative ways of making change in the education system, and, most importantly, to gain strength, inspiration and motivation to continue creating educational initiatives that have an impact.


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Who we are?

The Fund for Innovative Teaching (NGO) is the leading organization in Israel in mentoring educational initiatives of teachers in the formal Israeli school system. Operating in a joint venture with the Ministry of Education, FIT mentores every year 100 initiatives throughout the country, in all fileds of learing and social groups…

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  • Cinderella, the Druze boy- Art and gender studies in the Druze society

  • Partners for the dream- 0ur 2016 winter conference focusing on creating partnerships for one's initiative


Cinderella, the Druze boy- Art and gender studies in the Druze society

In the village of Buq'ata gender studies are taught starting with elementary school: the students reverse roles of men and women in classic fairy tales, learn to except a boy painting in pink and a girl leading the school student council. Read more in this article for Ha'Aretz about one of our teachers, Suhad Antir-Tarbiya, who is promoting a new approach in the traditional Druze society.

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How do you recruiet partners to your initiative? What are the challenges that await an initiative in its second year of operating? These questions and more stood at the heart of our winter conference that took place in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Welcome to tag and share!

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